Fortum, Finland

Dr Sami Hautakangas

Fortum is a Finnish energy company which was founded in 1998. Its operations include hydroelectric, nuclear and solar power generation, and it is one of the largest producers of heat in the world. Fortum’s main areas of operation are the Nordic and the Baltic countries, Russia and Poland. Dr Sami Hautakangas is a Head of Services related to spent nuclear fuel and disposal in Nuclear Expert Services at Fortum. Having commenced work at Fortum in 2007, he has held several roles including Manager, Nuclear Waste Research and Development, and Department Head, Nuclear Waste and Technology. Dr Hautakangas obtained his Doctoral in Engineering Physics from the Helsinki University of Technology in 2005. During to his carrier in Fortum the disposal of spent nuclear fuel has been the focal point of interest. Especially, the question of site selection and discussion about the technical viability of disposal concept have been the most important parts of his work.

Posiva is a company established by Fortum and Teollisuuden voima in 1995 in order to implement the disposal of spent nuclear fuel for the operational nuclear power plants in Finland. In 2015 Posiva got the license to construct the spent fuel disposal facility, which is the first construction license in the industry. Posiva’s concept is based on 30 years research and development work, combining different scientific disciplines in the very novel way. The acceptance of the spent fuel disposal is, however, a very specific issue where the scientific, technical and political work have important roles. The target of this presentation is to open this overall process in Finland and to give an international example for the on-going process in South Australia.