Australasian Radiation protection society 2023 conference

Sea World Resort Conference Centre | Gold Coast Queensland | 29 October - 2 November 2023

Australasian Radiation protection society 2023 conference

Sea Word Resort Conference Centre
Gold Coast Queensland
29 October - 2 November 2023


At ADM we do what we do because we care. Our team will do all they can to ensure you find the most appropriate solution.

ADM supplies a range of radiation detection instruments for ionising and non-ionising radiation. This includes electronic personal dosimeters, handheld survey meters and contamination monitors, area monitors, and gate and portal monitors.

ADM represents well-known brands such as Thermo Scientific, Wavecontrol, Ashland, and Rotunda Scientific, just to name a few.

AdvanCell is an Australian clinical stage radiopharmaceutical company that is developing treatment options that can significantly improve survival and quality of life.
AdvanCell’s platform technology enables a revolutionary cancer treatment called Targeted Alpha Therapy. AdvanCell’s proprietary ²¹²Pb production capability allows us to produce an unmatched supply of alpha isotopes, to accelerate clinical development and delivery of alpha radioligand therapies.
ANSTO leverages great science to deliver big outcomes. We partner with scientists and engineers and apply new technologies to provide real-world benefits. Our work improves human health, saves lives, builds our industries and protects the environment.
ANSTO is recognised as a leader in radiation safety, protection, detection and management. Combining our scientific expertise with more than $1.3 billion in unique operational assets puts us at the forefront of innovation in radioactive management solutions. Connect with our experts today.
The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is the Australian Government’s primary authority on radiation protection and nuclear safety.
ARPANSA regulates Commonwealth entities that use or produce radiation, undertakes research, provides services, and promotes national uniformity and international best practice across all jurisdictions.
We protect Australian people and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation.
BHP is among the world’s top producers of commodities, including iron ore, copper, nickel, and metallurgical coal. We have a simple and diverse portfolio of global tier one assets that are high quality, with low-cost options for future growth, development potential and value creation.
Located 560 kilometres north of Adelaide, South Australia, Olympic Dam is one of the world’s most significant deposits of copper, gold, silver and uranium. BHP took ownership of mine in 2005. Olympic Dam comprises underground and surface operations, and is a fully integrated processing facility from ore to metal.
Ore mined underground is hauled by an automated train system to crushing, storage and ore hoisting facilities or trucked directly to the surface.
The Centre for Radiation Research, Education and Innovation at the University of Adelaide was established in Oct 2019 to meet the needs of several strategic projects across SA and Australia. CRREI is,
  • providing high throughput commercial RN analytical facilities to industry and the scientific and medical sectors.
  • establishing tertiary radiation education and training courses.
  • facilitating collaborative radiation research capability.
  • providing information to the public on radiation related issues including outreach education opportunities.
DG Air Freight, Australia’s premier dangerous goods company, was established in 1996 by father and son, Wayne and Brad Nicholson. With an extensive knowledge on the movement of radioactive isotopes & ores, DG Air can provide a range of critical logistics services to the radiation industry as:
  • Licenced Australian Customs Broker & Freight Forwarder
  • Heavy haulage Trucking throughout Australia
  • Licenced class 7 radiation transport provider in each State
  • Extensive knowledge of security enhanced source movements
Be Laser Safe..
If you manage, supervise, or operate laser-based equipment, then you need to understand the principles of laser safety practice that meet Australian and International standards. Join edVirtus and Opticum to obtain an appropriate certification on one of our three professional education short courses: Laser Safety Officer, Laser Safety Supervisor, and Laser Safety Operator.
Visit for course outlines, dates and venues around Australia or virtually, or visit for our consulting services.
Australian manufacturers of quality gamma detectors, neutron detectors, personal dosimeters and gamma spectrometry systems for science, education and enthusiast use.
We are also experts in electronic pulse detection circuits and accept custom circuit design. NaI(Tl), Csi(Tl), LaBr3, CeBr3 and many other scintillation materials used in our products.
Historion is a comprehensive desktop application that provides a range of occupation health and safety compliance tools and utilities related to radiation exposure. Historion’s features assist radiation safety officers in performing their duties.
Some examples include; managing radiation dose budget in accordance with ICRP103 guidelines, managing radiation sources and their certification, monitoring radiation safety licensing and accreditation, completing required attenuation testing of radiation safety devices, closely monitoring pregnant wearers, submitting data to the nationa dose register and a range of dose checking, following, analysis and reporting functions.
Historion integrates with Microsoft office and stores its data in a local or cloud-based SQL Server database for the customer to manage and use for day to day radiation safety tasks.
ORSAA is a not-for-profit organisation of scientists and professionals of various academic disciplines who are interested in the scientific research that investigates the effects of artificial electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on humans, animals and the environment. As the name indicates, ORSAA has a special focus on radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) that includes high frequency microwaves widely used for wireless communication and surveillance technologies. However, ORSAA’s interest in biological effects research extends to extremely low frequency (ELF) fields such as those utilized for domestic electrification (power frequencies).
Radiation Saunders supplies instruments used in nuclear science, medical, industrial, mining, environmental, defence and educational markets for detecting, measuring and monitoring ionising radiation.
The company’s focus is on prompt service and ensuring client’s needs are met with the most appropriate instruments.
Radtronics specialises in ionising radiation instrumentation for research, nuclear medicine, homeland security, military, and industry. We are proud of our reputation as a leading Australian radiation solution distributor and we improve our services based on feedback from our customers.
Radtronics is the exclusive Australian Distributor for reputable global manufacturers Mirion Technologies and Rotem Industries for radiation instrumentation solutions. Our company offers a broad range of equipment, systems, support & local maintenance programs, including calibration services.
Established in 2006, Safe Radiation is in the business of workplace and environmental radiation management. We contribute to achieving better industrial, environmental, and health outcomes through science and engineering solutions. Our scientific staff are qualified in fields ranging from medical physics to nuclear technologies. In 2013, we constructed a new purpose-built laboratory to provide radiological analysis services, as well as calibration and repairs of monitoring equipment. We now also operate from our branch in Canberra.
  • NORM site rehabilitation, and resource development
  • Radioisotope analysis of soil and water samples
  • Radiation metre calibration, checks and repairs
  • Industrial radiation safety
  • Assessment of premises, and radiation-emitting devices
  • Supply of radiation safety equipment
  • Radiation safety training
Safe Radiation is dedicated to helping you with your radiation safety needs.
SGS is a global network of experts utilising state of the art facilities offering rival expertise to Mining, Oil & Gas and the Medical Industry to help ensure your facility and company operate safely and in compliance with all relevant radiation legislation. We provide innovative, practical and cost effective solutions to minimise risk when working with all types of radiation sources.
Tellus Holdings Ltd is an innovative Australian environmental services company established in 2009 to provide the safest place for Australia’s hazardous waste.
Its Sandy Ridge geological repository, 240km northwest of Kalgoorlie WA, is Australia’s first commercially licenced disposal facility for low level radioactive waste (LLW).
Thanks to Tellus’ commercially viable domestic solution, there is now no need to export LLW.
In partnership with PACTEC, as Australian distributor for IP1 & IP2 flexible packaging used globally for LLW demolition and remediation projects, Tellus helps customers with fully integrated, end to end solutions, covering project management, packaging, transport and disposal.